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Chess grandmaster Jan Gustafsson at ISC


ISC’12 attendees can look forward to a special chess treat at ISC, starting at 3 - 6 pm, on Tuesday, June 19. German chess grandmaster Jan Gustafsson, who is also the current European-team champion, will play 8 simultaneous games in the exhibition hall (Hall H).

In this unique event, his opponents will be supported by the world’s best chess program - Houdini. Houdini is a chess engine that combines outstanding positional evaluation with the most sophisticated search algorithm. Every second move of Houdini will be sent to the opponents’ mobile phones, thanks to a software developed by the Hamburg-based software firm, cisha.  

As chess computers stand head and shoulders above the world's best chess players, Gustafsson will not stand a chance - particularly in simultaneous games! On the other hand, playing against 8 amateur players is an “easy pick” for a grandmaster. A combination of players and chess program will create a healthy balance and a real battle for Gustafsson.

These games will be streamed live

Are you interested in playing? You can apply for one of the player slots by sending an email to Players with FIDE rating numbers may want to provide their current rating.

ISC’12 catches the European Football Championship fever

This year, ISC’12 coincides perfectly with the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2012). Whether you call it Football, Fussball, Soccer or Futbol, the games are an exciting event and to let our participants root for their favorites, we will set up soccer lounges in the exhibition hall (booths #110, 710). However instead of kicking, you’ll get to play table soccer. 

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